Yisela Avendaño Private Snapchat

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Yisela Avendano private snapchat

The stunning Yisela Avendaño was a Playboy Girl in 2010-2011. In her lingerie model years, she has in fact posed for many magazines. She is currently a porn actress, a model and a businesswoman who decided to enter the world of adult cinema. Her social media content has defied censorship on several occasions, always attracting the attention of male audiences. Her fiery posts have surely earned her a huge number of followers.

By venturing into porn, Yisela has stated that she dreams of being like Esperanza Gómez and even surpassing her. It seems rather obvious that the actress wants to fulfill her full potential and to be one of the best Latina porn stars. It’s also important to mention that the model has already won several contests such as Girl Playmate 2011, Miss Tanga (thong) Santander, Miss Tanga Colombia and Miss Tanga Latina, among others. This only confirms her rightful place in the world of adult entertainment as she works hard to please her audience.


Yisela Avendano private premium snapchat

  • Date of birth: 18 Jun 1990
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Sexual orientation: Straight
  • Gender: Female
  • Breast size: B
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Height: 5′ 4”
  • Hair color: Blond
  • Eye color: Green
  • Piercing: None
  • Tattoo: Few

External profiles

Instagram :
Twitter :

Content available on Yisela Private Snapchat

  • Erotic and sensual dances
  • Sex game scenes
  • Vaginal masturbation
  • Vaginal sex
  • Erotic massages
  • Oral sex
  • Masturbation with sex toys

It should be well known that Yisela adapts her content to her viewers fantasies as she encourages them to “let their imagination fly”.

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Where Should You Sign Up For Yisela’s Private Snaps Service?

Those who wish to gain access to Yisela’s Private Snapchat account must first register as a premium user at Fancentro.

Her explicit feeds are currently being sold at a discount of 50%. It’s like the actress is generously giving away her premium content! Subscribers also get a free XXX video as welcome gift. Those who are dedicated enough (the most loyal fans) can purchase an access to her personal phone number, allowing them to send her direct messages via sexting and texting.

Differences Yisela’s Private Snapchat and Yisela’s Public Snapchat are two different things.

Followers of Yisela’s public Instagram account can catch a glimpse of her in a bikini as she shows off her perfect body. Those who wish to see more of her will have to do so through her private accounts, as most social media platforms’ rules and regulations prohibit the posting of explicit content. Those who subscribe to premium access can watch the actress have a wild time on camera while enjoying her stories without any restrictions. Getting involved is as simple as registering on

Is Yisela Private Snapchat Adult Only?

Yes, Yisela’s premium account can only be accessed by adults (18+). The user’s age is verified upon subscription.

What’s the deal with Fancentro?

Yisela’s FanCentro Feed and private social media profiles are completely accessible through FanCentro, allowing you to check out all of her updates and posts. She won’t be keeping secrets from you!

All you have to do is locate her on and subscribe to one of her premium offers.

After subscribing to her service, you will receive detailed instructions on how to add her secret social media account. This grants you access to all kinds of nudes, naughty clips, uncensored stories and everything Yisela has to offer. You just have to view her stuff on your Activity Tab after you log in to your FanCentro account. It’s really that simple.

All users have to know that Fancentro is a 100% secure, safe, and discrete. The term “FanCentro” will never be mentioned on your bills. You can see all of Yisela’s sexy content, but more is possible. You can have as many premium accounts as you want on the platform. Furthermore, you can cancel your subscription at any time (you just have to log in, go to My Account, and select the subscription you want to cancel). Customer support will always be here to help you as you can contact them through the platform for assistance.

Final question: Should You Subscribe To Yisela On Fancentro ?

Affirmative. Yisela is here to seduce you with her delectable body, or, as she puts it herself, she wants to be your “sweet and hot temptation.” Allow yourself to be carried away by this beauty and to let your imagination run wild. Dancing is in her blood, thanks to her Latin ancestry. She moves in a sensual manner, exposing every part of her body, inch by inch. It’s actually very fascinating to watch. Once you realize she’s a true artist, and not just a talented one, you’ll be amazed. She does not, however, limit her abilities to this. Besides being a dancer, she is also an artist in her own right when it comes to bedtime entertainment. Whenever you subscribe to her explicit content, you’ll be able to feel her movements as she offers herself pleasure or as she provides pleasure to other men. You will hear her moaning in Spanish, which is the sexiest language on the planet (that’s an important detail). She has it all: a beautiful face, full lips, prominent breasts, and a massive rounded buttock. So, yes, she has everything, and she wants to give it all to you. You have the opportunity to make this daring girl a part of your everyday life if you subscribe to her premium account, so don’t hesitate one second!

PS: We’d like to share one more piece of information with you. Many of those who subscribed to her account were so taken with her that they set up a fan Twitter account, So you didn’t just hear it from us; others appear to agree as well!