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Uma Jolie is an American petite model who has started her career as a model at a very young age. She was born in Fairbank on April 8, 1995. With beautiful green eyes and she only weighs 105lbs. Being beautiful her entire life she was always encouraged by her parents and surroundings to start a career in modelling and Uma Jolie did just that. In no time Uma gained a lot of attention from various different industries and when she got old enough, Uma Jolie made a decision that she doesn’t want to just be a model anymore. Instead, Uma Jolie decided she wants to give porn a shot! Being very open and comfortable with her sexual side Uma joined the adult industry when she turned 18 years old. This happened to be in the summer of 2014 and her first ever time on porn was with Goldie Rush for “Kissing Cousins”.


Nickname/Stage name: Uma Jolie
Date of Birth: April 9, 1995
Weight: 105lbs / 47kgs
Height: 5 ft 3 in/ 1.6 m
Breast size: 34B
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Brown

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Interesting Facts about Uma Jolie

Uma Jolie got her famous stage name from too different actresses. She had a nickname her friends would call her. They called her “Uma” because her hair highly resembled that of the actress in pulp fiction called Uma Thurman. She also got her last name from the famous Angelina Jolie as she was also told by a lot of people that she looks like her when she wore her hair long. Uma is very comfortable with her sexuality and has openly mentioned she is Bisexual in real life too outside of porn. This adventurous actress also loves travelling around and enjoys mostly modelling and her love for performing is more than just in the adult industry as she is also a DJ. How hot is that? Before entering the porn industry, she worked as a salesperson for Abercrombie and Fitch and now she entertains millions of people worldwide. She has done a large amount of porn after discovering her agent through Facebook which all have a shown a great success. People just can’t get enough of her, and neither will you!

What to Expect From Uma Jolie

Uma Jolie has produced a large amount of porn and she’s made sure to give a variety of different content to enjoy watching her perform. She’s done multiple girl and girl scenes including 2 girls and 1 guy threesomes. She also has done threesomes with 2 guys. More than that she’s also done roleplay and loves to perform in sexy lingerie sometimes. Uma Jolie gives out her best in her performances and she’ll definitely turn to one of your favourites in no time. She’s been doing porn for 6 years now and has real experience on how to entertain her audience and always keep the surprised with something new.

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Where you Can Find Uma Jolie

Uma Jolie is very active on her Instagram page and will keep your feed spicy by posting almost daily sexy pictures. Her modelling in front of beautiful scenery in wild lingerie that just make her petite figure even more attractive. You can also find her on twitter where she will keep you updated on every new thing she puts out so you should definitely follow her on there and keep your notifications turned on to get the best of her. She also has a very impressive premium snapchat account that you can access via her Fancentro!


What’s the Main Difference Between Uma Jolie’s Private Snapchat and Her Premium Snapchat?

If you have a snapchat account, you probably know the difference between a private snapchat account and a premium snapchat account. On snapchat you are not allowed to post adult content if it’s not aimed to a safe audience. Uma Jolie posts some sexy pictures on her private snapchat but not any nude or exiting ones. I’m sure you’re not there to only watch how her day goes by or teasing pictures. For the full experience you have to get on her premium snapchat account! On her premium snapchat you’ll have access to daily content she doesn’t post anywhere else! For your eyes only, and the best part is that she’s very active so her Premium snapchat is never empty!

Do You Have to be Over 18 years Old to Subscribe to Uma Jolie’s Premium Snapchat Account?

Yes. Since Uma Jolie posts nude and sexual content on her premium Snapchat you’ll have to be over 18 to subscribe to her services. This means that when you subscribe to her, your account will automatically be verified to ensure the safety of the community.

What is Fancentro

Think about every porn website you’ve been on. They’re all pretty much the same, right? A bunch of pictures, videos, and gifs. But nothing that you can actually do for fun. Fancentro is the exact opposite of that! On Fancentro you won’t find yourself bored on porn again for sure! On there you can do more than see all the exclusive content for your favourite models, but you’ll also get to interact with them! You can sit on this site for hours and not get bored cause you can also ask for your own personal pictures and videos. You don’t have to be tied down to Uma Jolie, you can subscribe and enjoy watching and talking with as many models as you like. You can also unsubscribe at any time you want but we’re sure that you won’t. One you start using Fancentro’s services you won’t need to visit other porn sites again.

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Should you Trust Fancentro?

Fancentro has a very reliable customer support that will help you if you have any questions or if any trouble on the site. They will help you fix your problem as soon as possible. Fancentro will not share any of your information all that you have to do is clear your browser history. All your fantasies will remain a secret and no one has to know about your secret relations with your favourite models.

Last but not Least, Should you Subscribe to Uma Jolie?

All you have to do is take one good look at this girl and you will definitely fall in love with her. Not to mention her amazing and exciting content that will have you not getting enough of her. Make sure to also subscribe to her social media accounts to always be the first to see her best work and the more you support her, the more active she will continue being. Uma Jolie loves giving back and all she asks for is for your support.