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Kendra Sunderland

Kendra Jane Sunderland (born June 16, 1995) is a pornographic film actress and model from the United States. You were undoubtedly there in 2015 when that lovely blonde girl went viral after uploading a video of herself masturbating in a public library (the Oregon State University one). That was indeed her and she became known as “Library girl” ever since… It was also the beginning of her pornographic career. She acquired a contract with Brazzers, a pornographic production business, in 2020.

In her early life, Sunderland attended West Salem High School, where she excelled in the classroom. She wanted to have a really serious job, but she soon became dissatisfied with standard office occupations. She even worked in a café in Oregon to afford college. The least we can say is that Kendra recognized early on that she would not only excel academically, but that she also had excellent skills in other interesting areas. Luckily for us.

Indeed, in October 2014, Sunderland joined a webcam service and began earning hundreds of dollars every day. She has realized what makes the most money in this world! But how did she become Library girl? The answer is easy. She was advised by a user to perform in a public area in order to make more money. As she likes a challenge and hates to say no to fans, she went to the Oregon State University library and displayed her breasts while masturbating. The video was shot by an anonymous person and then shared to Pornhub, where it quickly became viral. The rest, as they say, is history. But most people don’t know the rest of the story: She was later dismissed from the university and forbidden from campus; she was also banned from the cam website, and she was charged with public immorality. She even paid a fee of 1000$ after pleading guilty to the charges.

Despite the fact that the busty Kendra was arrested for filming and publishing the video, it was successful in making her famous. Kendra began conducting webcam shows on MyFreeCams shortly after and taped her first porn videos. She even relocated to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a career in pornography. She knew what she liked and she wanted to be the best at it. One of her accomplishments was a fan award for “Nicest Tits” at the first Pornhub Awards in 2018. But it doesn’t end there. Kendra Sunderland has earned a total of six accolades in the adult film business throughout the course of her career.


Date of birth: 16 Jun 1995
Languages: English
Gender: Female
Weight: 123 lbs
Height: 5′ 8”
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Hazel
Piercing: Few

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Amazon Wishlist – If you wish to pamper her. We’re sure that she’ll reward you back!

Content available on Kendra’s Private Snapchat

Kendra’s premium snapchat is the only place where you can see her daily nudes and naughty shows. There’s no rule to follow, even screenshots are allowed! It’s your chance to be a part of a pornstar’s everyday life. It’s not hard to know what she’s into. Just visit her Pornhub page and you can guess what she likes: she basically loves hardcore sex with men and women. She’s also faithful to her solo shows, the ones that made her famous!

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Where Should You Subscribe to Kendra’s Private Snapchat?

You must first register as a premium member at in order to gain access to Kendra’s private Snapchat.

What’s the real difference between Kendra’s premium Snapchat and her public Snapchat account?

You can keep up with Kendra’s updates on her public accounts. You can see what she shares about her personal life if you follow her on her public Twitter account, for example. She also teases her followers with pictures from sex scenes she recently filmed. However, if you want see her daily nudes and shows, you just have to follow her privately. This superstar breaks all the rules for you (we suspect that she was banned from Instagram since her profile appears to have been deactivated!) So, you know that she’s ready to go above and beyond (all regulations!) for her fans. What’s the difference between following her on her private account and seeing her Pornhub videos you might ask? Well, her premium snapchat is the only place where you can interact with her and make sexy requests!


Is Kendra’s private Snapchat account restricted to adult users?

It is correct that only adults (18 and up) are allowed to log into Kendra’s premium account. When a user subscribes to her service, their age is verified.

What is Fancentro and how does it work?

A FanCentro subscription grants you access to Kendra’s premium Snapchat account as well as all of her other private social media channels. In fact, Fancentro is a site that allows you protected access to all of your favorite pornstars. To know more about Kendra’s offers, go to You’re there, now you just have to subscribe. If you’re still on the fence about joining in, remember that this is your chance to be friends with Library girl!

Everything else is straightforward after you’ve signed up. Simply connect into your Fancentro account, check out her private stories, and watch her nasty shows as many times as you want. She’ll also accept your request for a premium snapchat follow. Everything is in place for you to enjoy yourself.

If you’re still hesitant about all this for privacy reasons, you should know that Fancentro’s security system keeps your personal information safe. Although the mention Fancentro will not appear on your bills, you still have to maintain track of your browser history. Enjoy Library Girl as much as you’d like, but keep in mind that you are free to follow more pornstars as you go. You can easily check out all the girls that have joined Fancentro to have some fun with you.  You’re also free to terminate your membership at any moment (you just have to log in, go to My Account, and select the subscription you want to cancel). You may also contact Fancentro’s customer service if you have any problems. But seriously, what kind of problem could you have? You must admit that this is the ideal setting for you to relax and unwind!

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Last but not least, should you subscribe to Kendra’s Fancentro profile?

Yes, definitely. Kendra knows what she has to offer and she embraced the title that made her famous “Library girl”. In fact, you also know what she’s capable of and we bet that you can’t stop fantasizing about it. So, why not make this fantasy true? A deep part of you always wanted some action with a pornstar, now is your chance to enjoy this ride! And for the people out there who have perverted minds but soft hearts, you should know that Kendra gives a lot of her earnings away to charity. In fact, we all have a moral responsibility to encourage such behavior! So, don’t hesitate to subscribe