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Born in Lancaster Pennsylvania, Da1ryQueenoo is an independent model/actress. Lee Anne loves producing new and exciting content for her supporters using her gorgeous breasts and curvy figure. Lee Anne has been in the porn industry for about 4 years and she’s doing an amazing job bringing new and exciting things to her viewers. We love watching Lee Anne grow and I definitely encourage you to follow the gorgeous brunette to be up-to-date with her always changing content and to be an early fan and watch her fame grow even more!


Stage name/Nickname: Dairy Queen
Date of Birth: April 4 1987 (age 34)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Orientation: Straight
Bra/Cup size: 34F
Natural Breasts: Yes
Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)
Weight: 170 lb (77 kg)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brunette
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None

External profiles

Twitter :

What makes Da1ryQueenoo stand out?

Da1ryQueenoo is a curvy camgirl. Lee Anne is best known for her voluptuous curved assets which she has a lot of confidence in and loves showing them off to gain popularity by fans that are always pleasantly surprised with her new content. Da1ryQueenoo built a career on her own by going beyond exploring the sexuality of her own assets. She’s produced her own original content on her own. From softcore self-pleasuring videos to boy/girl action to help further expand her popularity. Dairyqueenoo got her famous stage name by producing multiple videos of her lactating and performing so many more fetish-friendly videos. She continues to put out lactating videos on her Manyvids Profile where she encourages fans to come and enjoy the content she actively puts out.


Other contents from Da1ryQueenoo

In a recent interview, Lee Anne said one of her favorite things to post was receiving facials and one of her favorite things to do was swallowing. So It’s safe to say she will definitely meet your needs. Da1ryQueenoo is also very into anal and produces a lot of videos performing and enjoying it. She says one of her fears when using butt plugs is that it’ll get stuck given she’s tight, so she makes sure to only use larger butt plugs because they do a better job at relaxing the babe and loosing her up.


What to expect from Da1ryQueenoo in the near future

Lee Anne is very adventurous and is working on so many new and exciting content. It’s surprising that with that gorgeous figure the model said that she still hasn’t performed boob jobs on camera! Lee Anne is working on giving you a banging boobjob performance. Almost all of the model’s content is interracial and she recently said that she would love to have a threesome with a girl with even larger natural breasts. What a teaser! Be sure to follow her and be one of the firsts to view her new and exclusive content!

Fun facts about Da1ryQueenoo

When asked if she was granted three wishes the model said “First wish is that every person can be confident in themselves and explore themselves. Masturbation is very normal and relieves stress and people should be allowed to comfortably explore their sexualities. Second wish is to have a bigger house with land. Third wish is that people could be more conscious of our planet that we’re destroying. Buy and produce less plastic, plant more trees, resort to electric cars and biking instead of driving and so on” Wow. Beautiful and caring, don’t you agree? The model was also asked if she used to watch porn before being part of the industry to which she replied “OMG Yes! I’ve watched porn before this. I started out trying to see porn on TV through the blurry channels, I’d steal my friends brothers porn magazines and I’d get off to reading the articles in penthouse. I first started exploring myself and porn in 4th grade.” Her honesty and confidence with herself is so refreshing!

Should you support Da1ryQueenoo

Is that even a question? Of course! Just look at her! Curvy, rosy almost innocent cheeks, brown hazel eyes, and not to mention her out of this world breasts. Lee Anne loves to create new content and always keep you satisfied and also loves interacting with her followers so if you support her you will definitely feel her giving back! She glows because of your support!

Where you can follow Da1ryQueenoo

Lee Anne is very active on multiple social media platforms. Some fans really enjoy following her on twitter where she posts naughty almost nude tasteful daily picture that are very teasing if ask me. Obviously you won’t get enough of the model there. Da1ryQueenoo also has a premium snapchat that she’s very active on. Her snapchat is never empty! So every time you open the app you can prepare yourself for a wonderful surprise! To follow her on her premium snapchat, register on

What’s the difference between her premium Snapchat and private Snapchat

Da1ryQueenoo’s private snapchat is almost like a trailer to an amazing movie compared to her premium Snapchat. Yes you may argue that you can see her on other platforms but its nothing compared to the show she gives her followers on her premium. Plenty of girls on snapchat aren’t really into the business of putting revealing and daring content out there. Sure you’ll find some softcore content from time to time but good luck getting anything that’s a little bit rough or erotic. This isn’t the case with Da1ryQueenoo’s snapchat experience! Her premium snapchat features lots of hardcore material that’s going to drive you crazy for her. Blowjobs, nude photos, lactating videos and she’s even included girl on girl action!

Is Lee Anne’s private Snapchat account restricted to adult users?

It is correct that only adults (18 and up) are allowed to log into Lee Anne’s premium account. When a user subscribes to her service, their age is verified.

How does Fancentro work?

Fancentro gives you access to your favorite models’ uncensored content and private snapchat accounts. You should know that Fancentro takes the utmost care to protect your personal information. There will be absolute no indication of the platform you are using on any of your bills (but you should pay attention to your browser history). You are free to explore and add as many models as you like to your account so you aren’t restricted to only Lee Anne. If you thought it doesn’t get any better than watching these beautiful babes performing for you, it does! You get to interact with some of the hottest models  and even lee Anne  herself anytime you want with just a few clicks away! It’s a site like no other!

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Should you subscribe to Da1ryQueenoo’s Fancentro account?

Without a doubt. This queen is just waiting to show you how much more she has to offer. All she needs is your support! And I promise you she won’t leave you disappointed.