Cerise Spice Private Snapchat

By Myprivateinfluence , updated on January 10, 2022 - 7 minutes to read
Cerise Spice Private Snapchat

Born in Russia, Cerise Spice is a beautiful 25 year old red headed babe that started porn as early as this year! (2021) although this actress hasn’t been around for long, she immediately caught every red head lover’s attention. It’s no surprise why! Cerise has blue eyes and red hair making her features one of the rarest combinations. She has a beautiful tall slim figure and her measurements compliment her body beautifully. Her round butt and perky breasts are guaranteed to make your day.


Stage name/ Nickname: Cerise Spice
Date of Birth: 7 September 1996
Height: 5 ft 5 in (1.65 meters)
Weight: 119lbs (53 kgs)
Breast size/Cup size: B
Hair color: Redhead
Eye color: blue
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Russian
Natural breasts: Yes
Tattoos: No
Piercings: No

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What to Expect From Cerise Spice

Cerise Spice produces a lot of very sensual content. Her exclusive content features her taking her time and playing with herself and letting out her angelic moans for your ears. Not only will you like what you’re seeing but you’ll be very enterntained by her voice as well. Her posts also feature her tied up and posing for you, school girl role plays, sexy wet photos at the beach and so much more! She posts a lot of artistic professional nude photographs so you get to admire her features in full clarity. Cerise is also very calm and spiritual so she likes to add a twist to her content by posting videos wearing very lightweight see through fits meditating and calming  her mind. So if you’re looking for emptying your energy and recharging with a meditation buddy after, cerise is definitely the girl for you!

Fun Facts About Cerise Spice

Cerise may look like just another red headed beautiful model, but when you follow her you will see that there’s so much more to this porn star. Not only is she beautiful and amazing in front of the camera, but the model is also very talented and kind! Some of her talents include surfing! That’s right! You probably didn’t see it coming since her skin is flawlessly fair, but apparently the model loves surfing the waves and spending time at the beach with a cold beer and a sexy two piece swimsuit. She can also snowboard and can’t wait for the cold weather to cruise on the snow. Cerise loves life and you can tell by taking just a look at the amount of travelling that she does. She’s planning to travel all over the world and we don’t want to call her and adrenaline junkie but the girl sure loves a taste for danger as she loves to go skydiving on her own as well. She’s sexy, a redhead, AND she’s a lot of fun! What more could a man possibly ask for.

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What Makes Cerise Spice Stand Out?

We mentioned her out of this world body, her gorgeous face and her impressive skills but we left out the best for last. We thought we had seen enough surprises when we found out how talented the mode is but this fact is every viewer’s favourite. Cerise Spice is also a pussy artist! That means that your can watch the model perform making art with her vagina, and that show’s for your eyes only! So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to her premium Snapchat and Fancentro account to get the full show!


What’s the Difference Between Cerise’s Private Snapchat And Premium Snapchat?

Cerise’s private snapchat is full of almost innocent content. The model posts on there daily giving her audience a tease but you won’t be getting anything near the full show. But that’s not what you want, is it? You don’t want to be teased, you want the full show! You want to see her play with herself, talk dirty to you, shake her round ass and play with her beautiful boobs. That’s why you deserve to be on her premium snapchat. Her private snapchat may make your day but her premium snapchat will make your entire week! You can access it via Fancentro!

Should you Be Over 18 Years Old to Subscribe to Cerise Spice Premium Snapchat?

It’s true that underage users won’t have access to see Cerise’s premium snapchat posts. You must be over 18 years old to subscribe to Cerise. When a user tries to subscribe to her services their age will automatically be verified.

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Should You Trust Fancentro?

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Last But Not Least, Should You Support Cerise Spice?

Of course! Cerise gives out her best to perform and always bring new and exciting content. She has an amazing radiant contagious personality that will have you addicted to her. Not only that but she’s also very generous and keeps her prices ridiculously low so that you don’t have to miss out on anything. Her life is very exciting and she’s absolutely stunning. By supporting her you will get a full show to her private life and all she asks if that you support her so that she can carry on to create daily content to keep you happy and satisfied.