Discover The Best Gay Snapchat Usernames

Discover The Best Gay Snapchat Usernames

With so many premium accounts popping up left and right these days, it can be easy to get lost in all the content.

Nowadays, everyone’s trying to carve out a space and make a name for themselves in the adult entertainment industry and while we certainly live by “the more, the merrier” philosophy, sometimes you just want to go straight (pun unintended) to the best stuff.

Premium accounts? Aren’t those just for women?

You’ve certainly seen, heard, and been spammed with the hottest women of premium snap, but the boys haven’t been slacking off either. Contrary to some mainstream beliefs, premium accounts aren’t just for women. More and more men are coming out in droves to join the new wave of “self-publishing” porn stars. And why wouldn’t they? Male performers are consistently underpaid when compared to their female counterparts in straight pornography, and as far as we can tell, the gay pornography scene hasn’t been winning any employer of the year awards either. The solution? Premium snapchat accounts.

Why do guys love snapchat porn?

Well, as we said, premium accounts seem to be the performers’ solution to take charge of their careers. And what a great solution it is, especially for the fans. Guys don’t just want to see sexy faceless Adonis going at it with. Don’t get us wrong, chiseled bodies and drool-worthy…equipment… are nice and all, but they do have their limits. Guys want more, they want interaction, to be heard, to be able to actually give suggestions and make special requests, to see those naked hot studs reacting to their DMs. So, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing more and more guys joining premiums and paying to get up close and personal with the performers.

How much will it cost?

With the arguments for snapchat premiums firmly established, be it for performers or consumers, the big question remains: How much will all of this “premium” service cost me?

It all comes down to three things: duration, access type, and the performer.

Fancentro offers different packages which range from monthly all the way to (a rather surprising) lifetime subscriptions. It goes without saying that longer you sign up for, the bigger bang for your buck. Access type is another differentiator as some packages include only stories, while others get you everything from Fancentro feed content to open DMs. Finally, the perfomers in question, as the more famous names (of which there are many) tend to charge more while newcomers usually go for very affordable prices.

To get a better picture of what we’re talking about, the infamous Johnny Rapid charges about 25$ for a one-month subscription while resident hotty Babyboypremiumm charges 5$ for the same duration.

How do I pay for access to a Snapchat porn account?

Premium subscriptions are very straight-forward and thanks to fancentro you can rest assured that your credit card info is secure. Once you’ve chosen a premium account, simply click on the package that suits you best (we’re talking about the pricing packages just in case your mind wandered off) and follow the steps to enter your credit info and get to the good stuff.

Our Top 10 of Gay Premium Accounts

Enough with the semantics, let’s get down to business. You know what snapchat premium accounts are, why they exist and how much they cost, all that’s left is the actual snapchat usernames. Where do I find them you may ask? If you’ve been paying attention then the answer shouldn’t really surprise you. FANCENTRO!  Your one stop shop for the hottest male performers in the business. Well established stars, amateurs, and niche fetish content creators are all available for your pleasure on the fancentro website. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you, read on for a list our top 10 gay snapchat premium accounts:

Maarco fit


With piercing blue eyes, washboard abs and bulging muscles (among other things), Marco is the straight fitness gym hunk you’ve always secretly fantasized about. At 29 years old, this hottie is in peak shape, and he’s not shy about sharing it with the world. A quick scroll through his feed is sure to get you pumped up. Check him out for yourself and subscribe to his premium content using the link below.



Bringing in that irresistible Latino charm, Stephanos is a lean 31-year-old with a bit of kinky side. Available to answer DMs in English, Spanish, or French, Stephanos casts a pretty wide net when it comes to pleasing his followers. His hot body and deviously delicious looks are sure to keep provide you with hours upon hours of steaming entertainment. Follow the link below for more caliente content.



The Spanish conquest continues with our pick for number 7: Diago Rockfield. This 24-year-old Colombian fitness buff is all ears, or should we say eyes, for your DMs. A former webcam model, Diago’s fun loving personality makes him all the more irresistible. Though the bulging pecs and pierced nipples do also help on that front. See (a lot) more of Diago by following the link below.



At 22 years old, this cute twink is just getting started on what seems to be a very promising career in the adult entertainment industry. Open to DMs, suggestions, and custom videos, this boy is ready to please. Have a certain fetish you’d like to explore? Why not drop him a line by signing up to his premium on the link below.



a.k.a. El Escorpion is the Chilian stud at number 5. This 27-year-old laid-back hunk is always up for some fun, and he’s got the right 10-inch tool for the job. A relative newcomer, he definitely isn’t shy about giving you a glimpse into what he’s like in bed. His dark complexion and sexy voice will keep you coming back for more. See for yourself, click on the link below to check out his premium account.



The one, the only, the unforgettable Johnny Rapid. With over 190 movies, Johnny has become household name. This gay for pay performer got his big break in the movie Prison Shower, which lead to a very successful tenure as an exclusive for At 29 years old, this stud is showing no signs of slowing down, churning one hot sex scene after another, while still finding the time to regularly update his premium account just for your pleasure. From topping to bottoming with pretty much every performer out there, Johnny’s hot adventures are not to be missed. Sign up to his premium if you want to see more by clicking on the link below.

Tyler Rockhard

At number 3, the incredibly sexy Tyler Rockhard. This Spanish hunk loves to spend his time jerking off and having a good time in front of the camera. Tyler is hot, and he knows it, in fact he can even be contacted for findom requests and videos. Whether you just want some chill fun time or more intense verbal domination, Tyler is up for the job. You can follow his adventures on the link below.

Honorable Mentions

Making this list definitely wasn’t easy, hard choices had to be made and some sexy guys with great accounts were left out. This is why we highly encourage you to check out some of our honorable mentions below:

Brandon (from Sean Cody), Ryan Rose, Darius Ferdynand, Tegan Zayne, Allen King, Bruno Bernal, Boomer Banks.