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Alina Henessy is also known under multiple names. These nicknames are Deborah Banks, Sophia, Kiola Cosette Ibarra, Henessy A. and Maddy, Madlen and Olivia, Malden and Milia, Orianna, Terry, Sveta, Peggy, and Robin. She’s most famous for her stage name as Alina Henessy for she’s performed her best videos as Alina. A fun fact is that Alina Henessy is a scorpio and she was born on November 15, 1989, in Russia. Her birth name is Alina Eremenko and her Russian roots only prove once again that Russians are some of the most beautiful women. It goes without saying she’s a natural beauty. Alina’s brown eyes make her stand out as a rare one though. Alina has perfect C cup boobs and a perfect figure as well that’s made her a real rare natural treasure in the industry.


Stage name/ Nickname: Henessy
Date of Birth: 15 November 1989
Languages: English and Russian
Orientation: Straight
Gender: Female
Breast size/ Cup size: B
Weight: 110lbs (50 kgs)
Height: 5 ft 3 inches (1.6 meters)
Hair color: Brunette
Eye color: Brown
Piercings: Few
Tattoos: Few

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How Alina Henessy Got Started

The way that Alina Henessy first made her appearance was when she was 19 years old, she started her career as a nude model. In those photoshoots, Alina revealed her famous scorpion and lizard tattoos on her perfect skin. Her start was in European porn movies and later on move on to American porn where she worked with powerful names like Rocco Siffredi and Pierre Woodman and that’s where her career really grew. At the moment Alina Henessy is mostly doing hardcore porn scenes and even features in lesbian porn and self-pleasuring videos. Her career went on to work with even bigger names like Evil Angel, 21st sextury, harmony, and New Sensations. Her specialty? Blowjobs. Her fans just can’t get enough of when she performs oral sex.

Fun Facts About Alina Henessy

Alina Henessy was 18 years old when she first moved to St. Petersburg. There she started a career working as a webcam model so she’ll be able to make some extra money. In 2008 Alina Henessy gained a lot of people’s attention and was given the opportunity to be featured in a porn movie. She then started traveling around other areas in Europe and started doing more porn movies. Before Alina Henessy started doing porn she mentioned that she’s slept with over 20 people but in actuality, she can’t remember the exact amount because her open mind doesn’t care much for the exact number and it doesn’t matter to her. She also revealed to us that before porn, she had never had sex with a girl.

What to expect from Alina Henessy

Alina has been in the porn industry for years and has really left a mark. She has participated in over 370 videos in which she performed a variety of different content to fulfill every guy’s desires and kinks. She also worked for the most important studios of adult entertainment and her videos features lesbian sex, interracial sex, anal, orgies and many more! Her performances are ones you’ll never forget. She’s very popular for her oral sex performances and has been nominated multiple times for important awards in the porn industry and has won several of those nominations despite the huge competition and other well known actresses in that category. It only takes an amazing performer to that and Alina is effortlessly that girl and a must watch to every porn fan!

Where you can find Alina henessy

Alina has multiple social media accounts and she’s mentioned she loves interacting with her fans so it’s no surprise that she’s very active on all of them. One of her famous social media accounts is her Instagram account. On there she has almost 120 thousand followers! He page is filled with pictures that will drive you crazy. The first career that Henessy picked up in her late teens was a nude model, so you can say the babe knows her way around the camera and is very photogenic other than being absolutely sexy. You’ll also find that Alina is a fitness addict! She also enjoys posting sexy fitness motivation pictures and you can clearly see it from her killer abs when she’s posting pictures and videos showing off her body. Real fans also follow her on her public twitter account. You’ll be the first to know on any offers she’s doing and the best part is you also get multiple tweets of her a week posting teasing sexy pictures to brighten your day. But none of the platforms are nearly as impressive as Alina’s premium snapchat account. You can access it via Fancentro!

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What’s the Main Difference Between Alina Henessy Private Snapchat and Her Premium Snapchat ?

Snapchat has a policy that states you’re not allowed to post nude content on private snapchat because it could come across under age audience. So Alina’s private snapchat may feature some teasing content but nothing near what will satisfy you. This is why premium snapchat was created. On Alina’s premium snapchat there are no restrictions. Meaning the her premium includes a lot of her hardcore material, lesbian content, anal plugs and so much more.

Do You Have to be Over 18 to Subscribe to Alina Henessy Premium Snapchat?

Alina’s premium snapchat is available for adults only. This means that when someone tries to subscribe to her services their accounts will be verified to ensure no kids come across her exclusive content.

How does Fancentro work?

Fancentro is a new and different website that allows you to not only follow the models and have access to their premium accounts, but it allows you to interact with them as well! Best part is you dont have to be limited to Henessy, the platform offers a variety of different models to subscribe to. You can unsubscribe at any time you want, but we know once you try out Fancentro you won’t use any other platform again.

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Should You Trust Fancentro?

Fancentro’s security system ensures no one will find out about your secret relationships with these models. Just make sure to always keep track of your browser history and you can trust Fancentro with the rest. Furthermore if you have any complications on the website, Fancentro has a great customer support which you can contact and they’ll take care of any problem you need.

Should You Subscribe to Alina Henessy?

Yes! Without a doubt. Alina has been in the porn industry for over 10 years so it’s safe to say she knows exactly what she’s doing which make her performances outstanding! Plus she’s Russian, and she’s a brunette with brown eyes which is beautifully rare. Alina is very active and generous with her content and only produces more because of your support.